Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I thought I should post a few pictures that Tom has sent recently in case everyone didn't get to see them that wanted to.

The End.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ya Gotta LOVE the Wierdness

 I took while Elder Peterson and I were tracting once upon at time, it was raining
 Right, then this is the picture where I found that you could buy rabbit meat at the store really cheap, so, naturally, I took it home, boiled it, tore it apart, put it with some carrots in a stew for irony, and giggled hysterically while tearing it apart with my bare hands. This is the finished product.
 Finally, me, first P-day in Debrecen, taking a picture of me in the belváros.
 Ok, one is of me in this Reformist church, and they had this kind of history thing about temples, and here is a drawing of what a guy wore in the old solomon temple....weirded me out.
 Me, presenting a big ol' statue of...Kossuth? I think.
 Lastly, me looking like a stud at a pheonix fountain.
 Me riding a bike, and getting a picture at the same time. Oh yeah!
 I just thought this was a funny sign.
 All of us in a restaurant on Aug 20th, eating an atom burger! It was terrible, just so ya'll know.
 We rode all the way out of Debrecen to finally get to this one inactives house. Upon seeing this sign, we realized we were so tired, we had to get a picture!
 Well, it was a sunset, it was cool looking, so we took pictures! Three of them, I wish now I had undone my little belt strap...oh well!

 The rest of my district as we explored the very fascinating town of Nyírábrany. Which, no one knows about, except for us now! Haha! It was fun.
 And the last picture of me leaving it, getting a special moment with the sign.
 We were tracting, someone had a GIANT bunny sign outside of their door, had to get a picture.

I thought it was cool to ascend a random slide and get a picture

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The big thing for the missionaries in Hungary right now (at least the ones Tom knows) is to whip. Tom seems to have an affinity for it and is getting pretty good. He can make it crack really loud.  That looks like a wicked awesome whip too! (I wonder if he would get me one?)

Also, I love this picture! Looks like he has the whole world at his command!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Readers beware! This is going to be a whiny post, so if you're not in the mood, stop reading now. :)

 The lady who owns the milk cow (that we were milking last winter) had another cow that was about to calve. She got permission from us and had a guy come build a pen for the new calf back in the corner of the yard behind the big tree. Then she asked for permission to TRIM A FEW BRANCHES off the big tree so it would be easier to access the pen. The boss said yes, that would be fine.
So I guess this is her husband's idea of how to trim a  few branches off a tree! Really? I know I've always wanted that tree removed, but what I wanted was to have it REMOVED. Not this big mess in my back yard. And now there are branches more in the way of the calf pen than when they were on  the tree.

After I realized what he had done, and there was no going back, I asked him if he could at least cut the branches into smaller pieces so they would fit in my truck so I could haul them off.
His answer? "That would be pretty hard."  Oh shucks! How hard was it to cut down the whole freaking tree?  Then he added, "Maybe you should call one of those tree service places to come and mulch the branches."  Sheesh! If I wanted to pay someone to take care of the tree, lets see.... I would have called someone to come take care of the tree!!!

So now I have a big mess to clean up.
And do you want to know the punch line?
 Her stupid cow isn't even pregnant!

Monday, May 7, 2012

pictures of Tom

Here are some pictures that Tom sent to me. I'm not going to attempt to explain them, cause if you are reading this, then you know Tom. And if you know Tom, then you know there's no point in me trying to explain what he does. Just enjoy!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gpa is 95 years old

Happy Birthday Grandpa!!!

We had a nice party for Gpa on Sunday to celebrate his 95th birthday.
Jef and Stef and the kids came to help us celebrate.

Gma asked me to order a cake from the bakery that had horses or a cowboy or something on it. Its hard to see for all the 95 candles on the cake, but it turned out really hideous, but they loved it. So I guess that's what matters. The purple part is supposed to be mountains, the brown in front is some kind of mud hole that the little plastic horses were sunk into up to their bellies. The blue icing made everyone's mouth turn blue. But a good time was had by all! :)

It took 4 of us all working at once to get the candles lit before the cake melted completely. (The mountains made of icing were all flat by the time Gpa blew out the candles as it is.) It was a roaring flame!!!

We sang Happy Birthday REALLY loud! So loud that Gma had to cover her ears. :) (Actually, it wasn't that loud, but she covered her ears anyway. I don't think she liked it much!)

I think Gpa had a good birthday. He was kind of sad cause none of his children or grandchildren called to wish him a happy birthday, but we tried to keep him busy and I think he had a nice birthday. He got some funny cards that he has read over and over.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tom stuff

In case you had any question that Tom is a nut!

Apparently its a popular thing to run up the wall and many can do it,


Tom did it Matrix style!

On a more serious side, here are normal pictures.

Here's Tom with his new companion and trainer.

This is Tom with Pres. and Sister Baughman